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Donauinsel Festival (June.2014)

Livecut form GÖD/Bawag Stage, 27.06.2014


Fooled Again (March.2014)

Hello once more!

My new single „Fooled again“ is a heartfelt nummer.
A pop ballad with a good listening tempo. Love to drive with this kind of music.

You can support me and my band by downloading this song here:

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Don't forget to share it, like me on facebook and please give me thumps up on You Tube. Kisses and thanks!




Local (18.03.2014)

You are all invited to join us and have lots n' lots of fun!
To all my Filipino community who's just around the corner pls. come and bring everyone with you and lets make the whole Vienna talk about this. Please share this to all of your friends and be prepared to bring your big smile you'll be on Camera!!!!!

doors open 20:00
gig 21:00
price: freie spenden
See you there!

ps: Next single "Fooled Again"coming soon.



" On Top Of All"
(Nov. 2013)

Hi there!

My new single „On Top Of All“ is out now and you can download it everywhere.
It’s a groovy pop song that will lighten up your mood and get the 70’s flashback.

I‘d like to thank you for buying this single and helping me and my band in producing our next songs.

We like to dedicate „On top of all“  to those who joined us on our last gig in Fledermaus/Vienna. It was a great support and we had so much fun.

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Sheila Fernandez & Band

Festsaal/ St.Veit a.d Gölsen

Artett feat. Sheila Fernandez
"Latino Show"

Leopold Grünzweihalle/Sollenau

Sheila Fernandez & Band
"6 Stundenlauf"

Sportplatz/3161 St.Veit

Sheila Fernandez & Band

Donauinsel Festival/Vienna

Sheila Fernandez with Band
Local / 1190 Vienna

Sheila Fernandez with Don Juan
Nespresso Gala / Vienna

Sheila Fernandez with Don Juan
Vilnius / Lithunania

Sheila Fernandez with Band
Fledermaus / 1010 Vienna

Sheila Fernandez with Band
Fledermaus / 1010 Vienna

Sheila Fernandez with Band
Ost Klub / 1040 Vienna

Sheila Fernandez with Werner Taus
Rotary Club / St. Christoph a. Arlberg